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Get Your Money Life Organized
Five (5) Week Course
Every Saturday from 8/5/17 - 9/2/17
11AM - 12:30PM Eastern Time

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Get Your Money Life Organized

Week 1 — Myths Around Money
  • What is Financial Education about?
  • Should being rich and smart solve my problems?
  • What is "managing" money?
  • If I have nice stuff, shouldn't I have money?
  • Options in The Dark Room
  • What causes money problems?
Week 2 — Paying Bills is NOT Common Sense
  • Why are bills paid late?
  • Different ways to pay bills
  • How to get organized
  • What's going on in your bank account?
  • Tracking the Past vs. Knowing the Future
  • Why should I do this?
Week 3 — What to do When Money is Tight
  • The Four Steps
  • All debt is not the same
  • Should I just get a loan?
  • Why is this happening to me?
Week 4 — Using your Credit Cards without getting into Debt
  • What is a Credit Card?
  • Why do you want a Credit Card?
  • Shopping for a Credit Card
  • How bad fees happen to good people
  • The best way to pay off debt
Week 5 — Get your P's Organized
  • Paperwork
  • Passwords
  • Protection

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