We were constantly fighting about the bills and our debt; we couldn't get organized on our own. Jameel sat down and with her mild manner and without placing blame on either party, helped us realize how we could pay our debts and bills in small increments and on exactly what date. All we had to do was give her a few numbers, and she plugged them all into her system. After the third session, we were feeling happy with each other and hopeful that we would see the light of day through the financial tunnel we had built our lives around.

Steven and Catherine

Buying, rehabing and selling houses is what I love doing. However, organizing and managing paper work is not my forte. I am very, very thankful for MJOrganizers who organize all my paper work, created customize speadsheets and a filing system to fit my needs. Now, I'm able to manage my business and personal finances. Thanks to MJOrganizers!

Joyner Development
Dorchester, MA

Jameel Davis from MJorganizers has been servicing our Plumbing and Real Estate Office for the past several months. She has helped to streamline our computer operations in Quicken software and she offers a variety of services that helps solve the different needs of our office. She has the ability to troubleshoot problems and proposes different solutions to eliminate wasted time. We would highly recommend Jameel Davis as a professional office organizer.

Andriana Buckley
Winchester, MA

Using MJOrganizers lets me focus on the work I enjoy most. Jameel is reliable, pleasant and has great ideas for organizing my office.

Susan Weiner
Newton, MA